Our commission and Services 
20% of the first $2000, then 10% of the amount above 2000*.

*The below numbers are for items sold in the store only, Ebay and Amazon fees apply to all sales online.  
Item Sells for:    You get:               
$100                    $80                 
$250                    $200               
$500                    $400               
$1000                  $800               
$2000                  $1600                         

UCI, WTC, ITU athletes and team managers, please contact James for rates​.

Bike Fits:

Prices vary due to type of bike and/or level of fit.  Please email or call for quote.

Bike Box and Ship:

​If you need your bike boxed and shipped to a race or to take on the plane with you, we are your source!  Packing your bike for you is $40.00.  I can also ship to and from your destination through Bikeflights.  Prices vary, but usually in the U.S. it is between $60-$85.  I can also send a prepaid return label with you if you want to ship it back to the store after your event or vacation.

​Free Local Pickup of your gear in metro Tucson!!! I am now able to offer you pickup of your bikes and gear in the greater Tucson area(limitiations apply.) I know you are super busy, and still have lots of stuff sitting in the garage/bike room, etc... that you want to sell, but just don't have the time to bring. Problem solved! Just call or message through this website, or the Re-Cycle-Tucson Facebook page, and we can set up a time and take care of you!

Do you live outside of Tucson and still want me to sell your stuff? No problem! I can do that too. If it is a bike or wheelset, simply box it up and ship it to me, and I will reassemble it for you. Don't have the money for shipping? Also not a problem. Box up the bike or wheels and I will send you a prepaid shipping label to send it to me! Doesn't get much easier than that! Contact Re-Cycle-Tucson for details!